Natural Energy Forestry Developers

Sustainable Vedic system of fuel wood farming for Rural India development

Research and Development

  • We have allotted 31 acres of agricultural land for energy crops research. We have selected 18 tree species for our research work which have good characters such as Fast growing, multi-stemmed, tolerance to multiple cuttings, drought resistance, pest and disease-free, adaptability to grow in variety of soils, long lifespan, short gestation period (two years crop rotation), with high calorific value, less ash content etc.

  • Among 18 tree species we have selected 4 best tree species for energy forests development.

  • We have conducted several serial field trials about different spacing methods; finally we have adopted the best spacing methods for higher yields and suitable for mechanized harvesting.

  • We have implemented advanced agro-technics with Vedic System of Natural Farming for reducing the cost of cultivation.

  • We have developed an innovative tractor- drawn Tech-planter for planting larger extents in a very short time; it can save lot of money, time and risk. It has been succeeded and showing extraordinary performance in the field trails.

  • Now we are seriously working on developing the biomass harvester for harvesting large scale industrial energy plantations (machine is under trails).

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