Natural Energy Forestry Developers

Sustainable Vedic system of fuel wood farming for Rural India development

Our services

We can provide services from selection of the land, selection of suitable plant species, soil testing, and preparation of the land to harvesting of Energy plantations. We will regularly supervise fields and suggest our effective, valuable and advanced agro-techniques for better growth and development of the plantations

Industrial Greenery projects

We will take up fast-growing (6 to 8months) green cover development projects in industrial areas for quick greenery to control pollution.

Turnkey projects:

We will take-up development of industrial energy plantations and Malabar neem plantations on turnkey basis.

Planting Technology

We have developed an innovative tractor drawn Tech-planter for planting larger extents in a very short time (thousands of acres). We have developed improved planting methods for the reduction of planting costs and saves valuable time (digging of pits, transporting of seedlings costs and transplanting costs).

Beneficial land schemes

We can suggest beneficial land schemes for the development of energy plantations in industrial areas, waste and degraded lands.

Climate Smart Village Projects

we have developed a Climate smart village forestry program to convert villages into climate smart villages to make our country as Climate Smart India.

Services available at our office.

Video display on the development of Energy plantations and Malabar neem plantations. Malabar neem wood display {wood-Logs and finished wood} particulars about cultivation methods and marketing sources.

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