Natural Energy Forestry Developers

Sustainable Vedic system of fuel wood farming for Rural India development


We are producing some thousands of Malabar neem plants and some lakhs of energy plants/saplings in our nursery, under supervision of skilled agricultural graduates and post graduates. We have implemented advanced nursery techniques and are producing saplings in hygienic conditions with other ancient method of Vedic system of natural farming. So, we are producing good quality saplings, which have superior growth potentiality, vigor and tolerant to adverseble climatic conditions. So, farmers need not spray even a single drop of pesticide in the fields. Our plants will show better performance in your farms {it has been proved in our farmer’s plantations}. Now we are producing some lakhs of plants in our nursery.

Anybody planning to develop large scale energy plantation and Malabar neem plantations can obtain saplings from us in bulk quantities {Lakhs} at a short notice.

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