Natural Energy Forestry Developers

Sustainable Vedic system of fuel wood farming for Rural India development

About US

We are the developers of creative, fast-growing, ever-green, short rotation, industrial natural energy forests.

  • We are the first introducers of Malabar neem as an Agro-forestry crop in united Andhra Pradesh.

  • We have developed an Innovative project of Creative Industrial Energy Forestry in thousands of acres for the production of best quality fuel wood. For this project we have selected some tree species and woody shrubs which are fast-growing, multi-stemmed, drought resistant, tolerant to multi cuttings, adaptabil to grow in variety of soils, pests and disease free, high yielding races with high calorific value fuel wood, less ash content etc. We have conducted several field trails on such plant species in our research farm.

  • We have implemented advanced agro-technics, combined with the Ancient Vedic system of Natural Farming methods for the development of ecofriendly short rotation industrial energy forests in industrial areas, waste and degraded lands.

  • We have conducted several awareness programs and field trials about the cultivation of Malabar neem plantations since 2012. We have tried to bring awareness in the farmers by showing videos from early stages to harvesting stage and. displayed finished wood & logs, sharing experiences of our farmers in their demo-plots. We have conducted mobile awareness camps in rural areas and distributed brochures and Malabar neem plants to the farmers on free of cost.

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